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Publication List of John A. Davison:

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        Dedicated to Joseph Henry Woodger on the Occasion of His
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1984.   Semi-meiosis as an evolutionary mechanism.
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1987.   Semi-meiosis and evolution: a response.
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1993.   The blind alley: its significance for evolutionary theory.
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1998.   Evolution as a self-limiting process.
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1999.   An Evolutionary Manifesto: A New Hypothesis for Organic Change.
        Offered for publication.

2000.   Ontogeny, phylogeny, and the origin of biological information.
        Rivista di Biologia (Biology Forum), forthcoming.



welcome to trudging onward. this site created in memory of John A. Davison, Ph.D., scientist, philosopher, thinker. in it we hope to continue to explore the ideas and opinions of the hopeless and helpless. we recognize that we are but a bunch of blips. what some of us continue to struggle with is how much the blips are loved. comments entertained regarding the mysteries and marvels of the daily grind, by which we trudge onward.  -wfs2